Monday, 11 May 2009

Kacip Launch

Kacip Book Launch

Kacip, a masterpiece of Pipiyapong - is a compilation of famous and interesting blog entries from his own blog, The book was launched on the 9th of May in Annexe, Central Market in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Fair 2009. Kacip is published by Sindiket Soh-Jah.

Kacip Booth

Kacip's Booth

Pipiyapong also invited Dewangga Sakti to perform as the opening act during the launch of Kacip. Dewangga Sakti is a contemporary traditional music band.

Dewangga Sakti performing

Dewangga Sakti performing

More about the author- Pipiyapong, or real name Firdaus Abdillah is a one famous blogger, for his honest and interesting writing. He hails from Kuala Lipis, Pahang and his entries can be found via

Pipipyapong launching his book, Kacip.

Pipipyapong launching his book, Kacip.


iYda Juhar said...

sudah jumpa. huhu

BuahKranjiDalamPerahu said...

gua awal2 dah beli, ade sain pp lg.. amacam sapa mau angkat gua tolak 200..kalo berhajat kontek gua. said...

Thanks for the link back to our site :)

sinaganaga said...

Thank you very very much! Sol-Jahs luv you! Ha ha.