Thursday, 22 September 2011


The Perfect Woman Trailer from Uta Arning on Vimeo.

Datang beramai-ramai pada 24 September ke Rumah PENA. 8 malam. Masuk PERCUMA. Tonton marathon filem pendek di bawah bintang! FB Event Maskara Shorties. The Perfect Woman (Trailer, 13min, 16mm/MiniDV, Singapore 2009) supported by the German Embassy, Singapore Featuring: Michael Pink, Olivia Auerbach, Janice Koh, Pavan Singh Written and Directed by Uta Arning The Grand OFF, World Off Film Awards 2009 in Warsawa, Poland, nominated for Best Screenplay; First Run Film Festival New York 2010, Wasserman Award Finalist 2010; Mexico International Film Festival Silver Palm Award 2010, Singapore Foreign Directors Showcase 2010, SF Filmfestival Tel-Aviv 2010, European Filmfestival Singapore 2011, Maskara Shorties Malaysia 2011 Synopsis: “The Perfect Woman” is the story about an alienated factory worker who purchases a robotic woman in order to satisfy his needs. Having experienced only abuse in his life, he is unable to handle the robot with loving care. However, modern engineering fails and he is left unsatisfied. It isn't long though before a vulnerable and love stricken woman falls into his arms, and he takes a sudden interest.

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